Contemplating Matters Of The Soul
2001-10-15 21:02:54 (UTC)

we've found each other

i decided to get a little creative the other night and i
wrote this, let me know what you think.

I dreamt of you holding me tight
In your arms all through the night
Wrapped in warmth, comfort, and security
I never want to leave this place of maturity
I am still a child inside
But somehow you made me into a woman
You bought my innocence
With the touch of your hand
And the love in your heart
I am floating on a cloud of ecstasy
With wings of reverie
Now, all my dreams have come true
I really am here, in your arms
Lost in a world full of fairy tales
And you, my knight in shining armor
Riding high on a white stallion
Coming to me, the maiden in distress
To rescue me from a locked tower
I open my eyes, to find myself back in reality
I feel a warm, gentle hand caressing my face
I see you, lying next to me
Holding me in your arms
Like a new born babe
I feel safe, warm, loved, and at peace
I stare into your eyes and I see your soul
I see your heart, your love, your pain
I know what she did to you
You know what he did to me
We both know the pain
Of loving someone
Who doesn’t love us in the same way
But now, we have found each other
Found our way to heaven
Found ourselves wrapped in a blanket of love
Of happiness, and warmth.