2001-10-15 20:56:52 (UTC)

Diary entry.

I am doing alot better now. My back has calm down some. I
lifted weights a little but not everything. I didn't want
to push it. It still hurts but im not like impaired any
more. I couldn't even stand up straight. Me and Kim went
through one of those silent arguments. You know the one
where you see how long you can go without speaking. I
think it is funny now. Not the misunderstanding but how I
reacted to it. I really acted immature about the whole
situatuion. Maybe instead of a stumbling block I can turn
it into a building block. Well gotta go see ya. MISS YOU
KIM! oh yeah! I heard about you reading this. Yes I am
talking to you. Send me a message. Yeah you. See you to.