oddly interesting?
2001-10-15 20:26:34 (UTC)

continued: feeling funky, eh?

hmm....I THINK LAUREN HATES ME...ahh #### her then.. blah
rofl..erm..this girl kayla accidently wacked me in the head
with her lock. omg my head still hurts. lol but she did it
on accident..i think, cause i dont really know her she's
just next to my locker and is in like my science
class...gym wasn't that bad today, we got to do some soccer
=D...thats the only sport i sorta like. but i suck at it
rofl. hmm woot we had a peer mediator meeting at
was boring rofl..I BOUGHT AN ICE CREAM AT LUNCH! can you
believe we have an ice cream vending machine? rofl you have
to put your money in, press the number thingys (ex. B8) and
then this vacum tube sucks up the ice cream and brings in
to the slot that you take it out of.. its really
funky....wo0 in hacs (home and careers) we're going to
start cooking on wednesday! gah we have to the egg thing
when we start child care soon...WE GET TO NAME IT... im
going to name it hillary =D NOT LISA. LISA IS NOT NEAT. er
ANYWAY anyway im going to check 2 daughters of the moon
books if i can find them, at the library tomorrow in study
skills. we be studying atlases..hmm rofl mrs.bionezt(the
librarian) told us to look up the cooridinates of the
capital of afghanistan...shes an idiot. shes like "now
you'll love this one" and wrote the thing we had to do on
the marker board thing. why would anyone love it? lol.. hmm
well thats it for now ill type something else tonight.

love summer (rachie =D)