oddly interesting?
2001-10-15 20:24:39 (UTC)

feeling funky, eh?

10.15.01 (( 4.05 pm
ahh er i forgot what i was gonna type.. hmm...well
jennifer gave the letter to josh, we're all waiting for the
outcome! =D..hmmm my other friend rachel who's in 7th grade
has aim and so im going to see if she's gonna come on =D..
rofl hmmm oh ya, my new name on palace
is .oddly.interesting.? lmfao sound familiar eh? ^^ hmm
what else... i might be getting a new e-mail after all
these i dont have like any homework. my mom just
has to sign something and i have to work on my personal
narrative for english...gah i suck at english, and im a
straight a student.. so far i think my average is a c or a
b.... but i mean i havent gotten a c in my life... i dont
think a b is bad tho...ahh well its my first year at middle
school i cant help it .