2001-10-15 20:19:51 (UTC)

2: Sick and Not at School

Well today i didnt have to go to school cause i wasnt
feeling well. ive been really stressed out and just needed
a break from everyday life. also, hehe, i had a spanish
project due so i got to work on that ^_^ im so sneaky...
anyway so ive been working on that most of the day... its
on some dude named Severo Ochoa, it seems he was a really
great professor and such in biochemestry and stuff... oh
well... damn i really am tired...

i had this really weird dream thingy... i had one where i
had to go to sleep in the garage and sleep in my dog
micki's crate, but i had to mickis... it was really
weird... then suddenly i was in my bathroom in my friend
ryans house... that made no sense and it was me and nic and
some other dude and 3 or 4 girls in there... we were hiding
from someone but i dont know who... maybe it was someone
like a parent? then later the girls had gone away and it
was me, nic, and some other dude who looked like my friend
brian... just more mature. and um... nic and the brian look
alike are strait but... um... we were... doin stuff... and
that was really freakin weird... i woke up at 10:30 all
confused... it was a really messed up dream... so since
then ive been workin on my project and ate some pizza rolls
and watched part of The Matrix... i love that movie...