my lil secrets
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2001-03-08 07:36:14 (UTC)

dear diary, i dont know why i..

dear diary, i dont know why i am really keeping this - itll
prolly jus end up slapping me in the face like everything i
do. i think i might be crazy, or have sum sort of mental
prob. i wonder what i am here for sumtimes. i want to be
famous or greatly successful at sumthing but i dont hav any
talent or skill that will make it in this fukt up world.
ppl say im a good poet, but i dont think i could ever
really make it as a writer, i dont really know anything
bout it. im not really interested in other poets i jus
write down whatever i feel an try to make it rhyme. sum say
i can sing, but i think they r jus being nice bcuz i really
dont think i can do that either. i hav good ppl skills for
the most part, iv been told im very articulate. like that
is sposed to mean sumthing. i wish i knew what im sposed to
do but i ges thats what life is for to find out then do it.
im jus frustrated i ges pisst at the world i act so happy
an gitty all the time but no one can b ms mary fuking
sunshine 24-7. i dunno i want everything an i do nothing so
there i am lonely an board

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