2001-10-15 17:32:49 (UTC)

urge to kill ... rising...

gods help me. *checks clock* only 5 or so min left.

i'm halfway done w/ my cisco stuff- gonna finish the rest
at home .. (yeah right.)

got part of the bebop movie and finally d/l the last
session. i was getting tired of waiting for ralph to finish
also found bebop manga scans this weekend. spike's got a
mullet in 'em.
he looks good in a mullet.

oh shut up. don't make fun of me- i get that enough from my
friends. :P~~~

well i'll be damned. looks like someone's playing Age of
empires instead of Gta....

and oh my gods. i so did not see that. must block must
shit. it's not ... ok. it stopped.
i shall explain later. (ugh i feel nausiated.)
nevermind about that 'it stopped' part.

this is so not right. i think i'm gonna draw now.