Joshin Jane

2001-10-15 17:26:50 (UTC)

3 a.m. Monday morning

I made myself stop reading everyone's journal entries and
go upstairs and dive right into a late night of work.
by the time i got up the stairs, i was shaking and crying
and having a complete meltdown.
i felt so horrible, i needed to write, but if i were to do
that i wouldn't have enough time to finish my work and i
would become even more stressed.
i worked all night, i don't know how i did it, i didn't
stop once, and yet my history class starts in five minutes
and its ten minutes away and it will take about two hours
to finish the paper, so holly and i are going to the infirm
to sleep.
i can't make sure everything keeps running smoothly
everywhere and neglect to keep myself sane, but i do it and
then i collapse.
maybe they'll give me some allegra....
::hums Days of the Week::