Life in the Making
2001-10-15 16:36:10 (UTC)


When I first met Stacy, she said "Hi" to me and walked
away. I got the impression that she didn't like me much.
That was fine with me. I ignored her for a long period of
time and she ignored me. We were happy. Then last year, I'd
say about last Novemeber, Stacy started talking to me. I
was like..."ok.whatever.." This girl never talked to be
before and here she was being nice. I know most people at
work hate Stacy with a passion. And I can understand why,
but I can relate to Stacy, so don't hate her. Actually, I
think Stacy is one of my favorite female workers. I know a
while ago me and Stacy got into this big
fight..blah..blah...we all heard about it. But after that
little fight I think whatever friendship we had grew
stronger. I'm saying this out right- Stacy is a bitch. And
that's why I like her. I relate to her because I'm a bitch,
too. And everyone thinks Stacy runs to jen about every
little thing, and that's not true. I've gotten to know Jen
and Stacy a lot better in the past months. I sometimes
wonder if people think I'm sucking up to her like they all
think Stacy sucks up to her. I don't. And Stacy doesn't
either. Yes, I'm defending Stacy here. Why? Because I like
her. I like listening to Stacy's stories...they're all very
interesting. And I like telling her my stories. Why?
Because we can relate to eachother. I like to get advise
from her. I don't always follow it, but I do like and
appriciate it. See, all the people I like are bitches-
Vanessa, Stacy, Jen, my friend Stephanie, Emily...I think
that's why we all get along....for the most part.