Squeeb's world
2001-10-15 16:21:03 (UTC)

In need of a mental health day...

Wow. Talk about psychological overload. I need a day off
from everything. Just to completely veg and do nothing.
Laying on a beach would be way nice. Ok, so here's the
scoop. Called home yesterday only to discover that my
mother had been in the hospital all weekend. This did not
please me in the least. She has a severe allergy to
shellfish and apparently when her and my Dad went out to
dinner the other night, her food had come into contact with
shrimp. She took an anaphalatic reaction and almost died.
Do these people not realize they have to be very careful
when it comes to shellfish and nuts? Some people are very
allergic to these things. So I was all like crying and
beside myself all day because Dad was going hunting for the
week. Mom insisted that he go. So I called home 5 bloody
Then we were supposed to have a test this morning but
there was a mix-up and it's not until tomorrow. Now normally
this would be a good thing but not when you have another
test today that you haven't really studied for because you
were too busy studying for the one that was pushed back.
Grrr. Yes, I know I am procrastinating right now but I need
to vent.
Then there's the issue of group work. We have this big
massive project to do and one group member is always AWOL.
We were reluctant to let her in in the first place but what
can you do? Today I got angry with her and told her that she
has to show up on time cuz she's not getting a free ride.
However I feel like a hypocrit because the other 3 members
are all getting together on Reading week to work on it but
I'm going home. Sorry but that's non-negotiable.
I'll do my work at home for the whole thing but I am going home!
I am going home to see my mom and work on my genogram.
Ok, at least tomorrow I am buying myself a happy. The
soundtrack for "On The Line" is supposed to be released to
stores tomorrow. I can't wait because it's supposedly got
some new N'SYNC songs- yay! I saw another commercial for it
yesterday and Lance was like naked and I squealed. Kim's
going to have to restrain me when we go to this movie!
I also need to vent about damn messenger right now. For
some reason it's not connecting at the moment and pissing me
off. That and that guy that I've been talking to, well he's
gone AWOL. I haven't talked to him since the day on the
phone and I want to know what's up. I saw him on a couple
times and as soon as I came on, he went off so now I'm
really thinking "Ok, he thought I was a dork" but it'd be
nice to actually know instead of being kept in the dark
about the whole thing.
Oooh! The Petes are second place in the conference right
now! They're one point out of 1st- how cool is that?! I
realize it's only the start of the season but still! Neat.
K, I'd had better get back to the books so I can do super
well on my Sports Psych test today. Later!

Current mood: emotionally drained
Current music: "Gone" N'SYNC