2001-10-15 15:47:37 (UTC)


2001/10/15 11:44 Friday- Drove to Indiana. Left at 10am,
got there 10pm there time. 13 hours. Not bad, considering
we got stop in traffic for a half hour due to construction
we never saw, twice. Promptly was attacked by 2 rambuctious
Saturday- Sat around the house torturing Jimi and Doug with
pics from BME. I think Jimi (my aunt's boyfriend) will be
joining BME soon. Went to Jordan's Birthday Party at
Chubby's Club LaSalle, which is located in a Ghetto section
of Indy. Kids were not allowed outside, and it really
didn't look any worse then the Cary Section of Richmond.
Uncle Chubby wasn't there. However, there was no drinking
(THANKFULLY) and the kids had a good time. I met Harry the
Computer Nerd (the guy my aunt calls "Jimi's real
girlfriend"), who was taking pictures and making me laugh.
He has an incredible smile.
Saturday Night- I finally got to do something at night in
Indy! Woo hoo! Ben and April, Doug and myself went to a
couple of Haunted Houses in Southport. I wanted a Hayride
but it was raining. The first one was "Fright Manor" and
it's the best one I have been in a long time. They scared
me a couple of times and they were playing ICP and Rob
Zombie in there.
The second one was "Screams at South Hallow", which was put
on by the Little League. It was quiet lame, though they had
several cool ideas for their House, that I hadn't seen
before. I did my "Evil Elmo" giggle the whole time to add
for some creepiness for the cheerleaders behind us.
Doug and I then spent several hours looking for a video
game for Jordan, that she did not get for her birthday. We
went to the brand new "Super Target". I wasn't impressed,
it was set up just like Meijers. Then we hit two different
Meijers, and I stocked up on Faygo for the Dark Lotus show.
I even bought a case of Rock N Rye for my enjoyment.
Sunday- SUCKED. It rained the entire trip. There where
times when I couldn't see the semi-truck next to us, but we
couldn't see it. We went a different way back from Indy,
but it's the same way I went for Detroit and Toledo. We
were actually making very good time, until I told James
that Route 66 goes to Interstate 95. It doesn't it goes to
17. We realize this when we saw DC coming up real quick. We
got off on SR 29 because it did go to 17. This added 2
hours to our trip. We left at 8am and got home after