What's up now?
2001-10-15 15:39:48 (UTC)

Oh my amazing!

So the weekend was absolutly perfect!!! Well Friday was at
least....Brian and I went to dinner, then hung out for
awhile at his house with his parents...this part of the
night was not soo great. For some reason its VERY
stressful to be around the 3 of them at one time. They
yell at each other a lot and I think his parents must think
I have some wonderful control over Brian, because they
seriously nag on him about everything when I am there.
They must think if they do it when I am there, somehow I
will be able to make him do everything they want him to
do...but I dont so I wish they'd stop...Then we went to the
Homecoming football game with Erika and Justin. I thought
it was going to be sorta sucky...but it actually turned out
to be a pretty good time. I saw a lot of people I hadnt
seen in a long ass time! Then after the game Brian and I
had a nice night, just the two of us :) It was one of the
best ever!!! Saturday, I came back to school for the HC
game. My parents came too, and it was really very nice to
see them and spend the day with them. I went with my
roomate to get her tattoo and then around 8ish my friend
(Brians old roonate) Ryan came up. Fun times :) I Worked
and then partied...sorta...By the time we went out the
parties were packed and you could barley move..but it was
still fun. Sunday was absolutly chill, except for the hair
dying :) And of course Erin spent the night :) YEA!!! Oh
and of course I had to work a sucky shift...12-3..I was
tired as hell and finall the weekend came to an end. But
now it's Monday...the start to another crazy week!! I
awoke to my sister on the phone wanting to talk...but it
was 9:21 in the morning! And after working till 3 I just
wanted those 9 more minutes of I told her to
call back. ahhh...class time so thats enough for today...