aris' thoughts
2001-10-15 14:48:10 (UTC)


i am glad i dont have company often at home. especially
company with children. a long time very good friend of mine
came for visit yesterday with his family and after
realizing they had intentions of staying for dinner (which
meant cooking more and more dishes) i realized they were
planning on a very long visit. now my kids had not seen
their kids for months but i am sorry, my children go to bed
at 8 on schoolnights so what could they have been thinking
staying until almost 1 in morning? i kept Beck and T on
their schedules regardless and watched as my companys' kids
stayed up til after 11 watching movies and making a mess of
my house, do i sound annoyed? well i was... very. the poor
kids i mean how on earth could they possible get up for
school in morning? not only staying up past 11 but then
sleeping on my couches and not leaving til almost 1 with a
two hour drive home just blew my mind. i guess some parents
just never grow up.

well because of this rude late visit it kept me from seeing
Mistress which really annoyed me after i didnt see Her all
weekend. AND here i am spending most of my day today and
tomorrow i am sure, cleaning up after these people. i am
going to speak to the husband tonight and let him know that
they are NOT to comeon school nights again. well back to
cleaning, all else is well, kids and i are in good health,
oh i am waiting to hear from Mistress, She needed xrays
this am . prays everything is ok