this unsane world
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2001-10-15 13:48:14 (UTC)

strange weekend

well this weekend was kinda weird. sat night i worked from
3 to 9. then i waited there for half hour for this girl
nikki to get off. her man was there and he was gonna drive
me home. i like nikki. shes funny and shes cute. i think
she might be bi but im dont know for sure. anyways i got
home and called will but he was tired so he went to
then i talked to nate and he wanted me to sleep over, so i
walked over there. we didnt have sex or anything we both
just passed out and then i left that next afternoon. i came
back home and will nate and james all went to nates house.
i was walking down the street and saw wills car and then he
pulled up and they were all in the car. they asked me some
dumb question and then they left. i went over to this girl
jens for a little bit then back home when i got here i
called nates to see what was up and he said that everyone
just left. that ment will was taking james home. and james
lives right down the street from me. so i got off the phone
with nate and went out front to see if i could see will. i
sat out there for like 5 min and then saw him drop james
off. he came down the strret and then got to the corner i
stood in the street to see i fhe was gonna turn. i guess he
saw me and stoppped if front of my house. then he picked me
up and i went back to his house with him. i wanted to get
laid but instead we smoked and then i rubbed his back.i
guess it felt good cause he fell asleep. i wanted to sleep
in his bed with him but i didnt know if he wanted me too so
i got up after he was asleep and slep on the couch but
atleast i got to hang out with him. he makes me happy and
he knows it. i think he likes to be a jerk sometimes to
make me get mad. he likes it when i get mad he says it
turns him on. he a weirdo. oh well. i need to find a good
man. one that knows how to treat a girl. oh well. until

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