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2001-10-15 13:31:46 (UTC)

When Robert and Karissa Met

Dear Diary:
Robert and I met each other on Saturday. It was instant attraction to one another. It was so hard
to leave him yesterday.

It was like we were meant to be together, and the miles between us are not so much, but seems so far away.

He is so great and so cute. He is so sweet and soft spoken. We soared with the eagles when we made love and not raw sew. It just felt so right and he was
good and I was good.

He is an uncurable romantic just like me.
It was so hard for me to get back on that metra
train and leave him. He knew something was wrong
with me and I senses he was going to cry as well.

Cupid really hit us both hard on the ass. We only
live 60 miles away from each other, but it seems
like 1000 miles away though.

I became so disoriented coming back home from Union Station that I finally just took a cab.

I am lost without him and he is lost without me.
I feel as a part of me is missing.

Hope I can make it through the week. I will not
see him until October 27. Hurry up, Hurry up!