2001-10-15 12:14:55 (UTC)

rolling along

living up to expectations..
last night i had a crazy dream . i was back home with my
mom and my sister destiny. i dont know why i was dreaming
this. but i woke up more homesick then ever before. i miss
home so much! There is so much to Silences i think romance
was born in silence. hearts touching for brief moments of
time.. makes me feel .. all warm inside I live for feeling
better. I wish i could hold the world in my hands and kiss
it and make it better. because so much of the world is a
plague.. plague on our hearts..
I want everything to be smiles .. warm cuddly lil
anamails things that make me happy.. i want the world to
smile with love forevery one. i hate war.. it scares me..i
hate violence.. again .. another fear of mine..
theres this song i have stuck in my head .. "love
is a flame neither timid nor tame.. take these stars from
my crown let the years fall down .. lay me out by fire
light, let my skin feel the night. fasten me to your side
and say itll be soon you make me so crazy baby .. i could
swollow the moon" isnt that what we all want.. love ..
crazy endless forever love.. someone who will just be ther
when you need them .. this is the love i find my self
compelled to write about because it is so strong.. love
with no bounds. life with out love is sad.. i used to think
love was an illusion but now i see it isnt love is real and
its there for the taken you just have to find the person
who to you screams.. omg.. life is so great... a good love
will make you want to live.. want to take that extra step..
moving on ..into the forever scenrio.. this my ppls is true
love.. the stuff that dreams are made of.
i like history, i mean . wow. so many interesting
things come of knowing history. like quotes .. theres this
one that goes"whats in a name, arose by any other name
would smell as sweet" w.shakespeare. one of the might i add
most romantic men to ever walk the face of the
planet... "oh romeo , romeo. where for art thou romeo?"
i love that.... love ahhh its a great feeling!