Eclipse of the Soul
2001-10-15 10:47:07 (UTC)

Chapter K

A few weeks later, Stas and I (we were best friends at this
point) found out that Kassie and Cam had slept together 2
weeks after we'd broken up. It was like adding insult to
injury. All I could think of was how she had backstabbed me
and how much she had hurt my best friend. I think the
latter got me more upset than anything else. Stas had
already been having problems with her and this just made
matters worse. I made my dislike of her very very clear.
Stas continued to go out with her for the next few months,
but it was marked by fights and mistrust. She said she did
it because he was feeling lonely and she was being a "good
friend". I was trying to be a good friend to Stas but at
least I could do it with my clothes on. She knew I still
had feelings for him. She said she loved Stas. I don't know
what to believe anymore. Stas fought Cam (fought is hardly
the word, he hospitalized him in less than 15 seconds). Cam
pressed charges and Kassie and Stas broke up a few days
before the court appearance. I missed school to be there,
and he got off on alternative measures (you do the service
before and they drop the charges). In the meanwhile Kassie
had been getting our mutual friends to take sides and I was
dubbed as a "slut" and a "b*tch" etc etc. She even tried to
get someone I'd been friends with since 4th grade to turn
against me. She thankfully stayed neutral. But it definitly
taught me who was and wasn't my friend. Stas was having a
lot of problems because of all this- he and Kassie had been
dating for a year and a half. I've been reading his poetry
and it's almost impossible to explain the pain he felt...
if feels now.