nuda possessio
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2001-10-15 10:14:28 (UTC)

In Case of Emergency Find Your Nearest Toilet

5:58 a.m.

I can't wait to get my new portable. It's coming in
Wednesday. My hope is to really start better managing my
client files and be more efficient in closing cases. I've
set up an "internal" dead line for myself. My goal is to
close all cases within 3 months of receiving or opening

Pretty much work is going well. I love the people there and
my only grunt is the fact that I am so underpaid. The plan
is to leave this employer by the end of 2002 and begin
hunting down for jobs with at least "respectable" salaries.
Working for non-profit is literally working for non-profit.
DOwn to eating one meal a day; a slice of cheese or a bagel
for dinner. Nothing horrific since I'm usually not hungry
and not quite starving myself yet. My bestfriend out in CA
is making about mid $50s already-- decent considering he
has absolutely no student loans to repay. He's already
bought a new car and just bought a new condo. Then I look
around my apartment, half unfurnished and water damage on
the ceiling.

It's too easy to begin life by wondering what we DON'T HAVE
and what we DO WANT instead of focusing on what we DO HAVE
and what we DONT NEED. Our society is too consumer-driven
where the religion isn't focusing on the betterment of
society, but on how many malls we can build and how many
commercials sponsors can cram into a 30 minute television

My stance of anti-materialism, blooming slowly in my high
school days and rapidly taking shape by the time I was in
law school is the fundamental core that separates me from
all the wretched souls out there. The never ending pursuit
for "more", indifferent to the globalized suffering of
others in our home and in the world. Our consciousness is
too narrowly defined. We worry about paying the mortgage
when 3/4ths of the world is worried about bringing food on
the table. How silly our worries are. We philosophize about
freedom and liberty when probably close to 75% of eligible
voters simply DON'T VOTE.

Can apathy and nationalism be mutually exclusive ?