Eclipse of the Soul
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2001-10-15 10:07:20 (UTC)

Crossroads (or: dumb nita)

I met Cam at my friend's birthday... I knew he liked me
and everyone was telling us to go out. I liked him too but
I was too shy to ask him out. Nothing happened between us
for a while but then he went away for a week. In the
meanwhile I met Ryan... who proceded to ask me for my
number. Cam had been rather rude to me before he had left
and I'd lost all hope on that front anyway so I gave it to
him. So at that point a was at a crossroads... Ryan or Cam?
I went with Ryan at first, we kissed once the day after we
met. But then Cam came back. I knew I was kinda playing the
two but I honestly didn't know what to do. 4 days after I
met Ryan, Cam asked me if I "wanted to go out on friday".
Of course I said yes. Unfortunately, he went to his dad's
that weekend and feeling rather lonely,Ryan calls me up.
Ryan: "Hey 'Nita, wanna come over?"
Me:(my logic: ask mom, mom hates boys, mom will say no,
make it look like I tried) "Sure I'll just ask my mom"
Me: "Hey mom, can I go out to Ryan's tonight?"
Mom: "OK, be back at 10 or so"
Me: (gasp oh sh*t oh sh*t) Hey.. Ryan. Um yeah I'll meet
you at the bottom of the hill.
(On the way there.....)
Me: (oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t Cam's gonna hate me oh
sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t).
Well that turned into an evening of (*ahem*) fun and
frolicking. 4 days later Cam asked me out for real and I
tried to keep the whole Ryan thing (who I was avoiding at
that point) under wraps... no such luck. Dearest Kassie
told him. We never broke up over it, although he did bring
it up to use it against me a few times, but life went on.