Eclipse of the Soul
2001-10-15 10:04:10 (UTC)

And it begins...

I was 15 when I started dating (a very, very stupid
thing to do). My first real boyfriend (2nd grade doesn't
count :p)'s name was Mike. Yeah he was alright except for
he was creepy and told me he loved me after I knew him for
3 days and well yeah need I say more? thats creepy. Oh yeah
and he had a thing for flirting with my friends. So that
didn't last all too long. He dumped me for my best friend
at the time- Kassie. Then strange little rumors started
spreading about me... we'll not get into them here because
they are a little sexually explicit but rest assured they
are not true. So I wasn't exactly what you'd call friends
with him after that.
The next 8 months were kinda boring on the dating front-
null actually. Kassie's mother passed away a few days
before my 16th birthday. She came anyway, and that's where
I met my new best friend (Stas). Sounds kinda odd to meet
someone new at your own party but um, yeah. So Kassie and
Stas starting dating a short while later. He wasn't
actually my best friend at this point but we did become
friends pretty fast. So Stas goes away to Brazil for a
month and Kassie met Tyler. Tyler liked her and she dumped
Stas for him. A few weeks later Stas asked me out. The
sheer weirdness of that is beyond me at this point in
time... we never did anything, the entire time (all of 2
weeks) it was just like "hi....friend." But yeah Kassie
decided she wanted him back, so we broke up (oh my god that
sounds weird talking about him) and they got back together.
They proceded to have a pretty much perfect relationship
for a while. Don't worry this isn't just gossip it matters
in a bit.