Eclipse of the Soul
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2001-10-15 09:43:57 (UTC)

In the beginning

I suppose to understand the rest of this thing I'll
have to start somewhere. My name's Anita. I'm almost 18 (in
about a month or so). I go to an Art School in another
friggin city (note that travelling 3 hours in total every
day does not sit well with me). I was born in Utrecht,
Holland- lived there till I was about 4. I've been to Saudi
Arabia, India, England, France, Germany, Canada (all
across, but I live in Alberta now) and well I guess you can
say I'm well travelled.
Well enough with the basics. Everyone has at one point
a life-altering moment... I guess it came when I was around
11. I was friends with a girl named Pam and I met her older
brother-David... in the end she and I grew apart but I
became very good friends with David. I had a little bit of
a crush on him but we were first and foremost friends. We
moved at the same time and never really got back in touch
together. I was at a friend of mine's house when day and we
were going through old pictures and I found one of us
together. I don't think I really realized just how much I
missed him until then... I continued to miss him for the
next 6 years. At times this turned into a rather deep
depression, especially around 13 or so. I really do think I
loved him... but life's a bitch I guess, what can you do? A
lot of what happened while we were friends really helped
shape who I am now though.

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