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2001-10-15 09:23:01 (UTC)

One hell of a weekend

I'm still coming down from last night so forgive any/ all
random babbing and spelling errors.
I had to write this down before I forgot it all. I've
decided that I'm in love the only problem is that he is my
manager at work. I don't know what I'm going to do about it,
I know that he likes me and I *LOVE* him. No problem it
would seem but I don't know if it would work and even if it
did do I really want to be working with someone who I'm
dating? Input would be very useful from any one with similar
I spent all day yesterday cutting out leaf shapes out of
fabric and smoking dope, by the ebnd of the day the leafs
were getting odder and odder. We all ended up giggling and
threating each other with scisors.
I'm also looking after the nighbours cats for the week while
they are on holiday. I've currently lost one of them but I'm
sure she can't have gone very far. Even if she has it's not
exactly my fault.
any way That's enough of me random spraff for now.
Love and Light

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