De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-10-15 09:17:10 (UTC)


Monday 15/10/01

finally it's my software project presentation today.. it
went great!! we were even praised by our lecturers..who
complimented that our system seems to work better than the
current school system! : ) so it was a great ending to our
peoject..although we srtill have to submit D5 and the 30%
essay..but to me,it's like a heavy load off my back...i
mean after last semester's experience..this one is way way
betta... not to mentioned i am doin the project with 2
strangers...who of course are my good friends now : )

David and Luke has been great... although I cant say our
team works perfeectly... I think the 3 of us combined
nicely into a team, each member having his own strengths
and contributing differently to the i must say
i was very lucky to work with them! Outside of project
work, they have also showed me around much..Luke
especially... goin to the D&B sessions with him were a
blast..realli enjoyed fact when I return, I'll be
sure to check out Singapore's D&B scene

Nz has been a fantastic experience for me, and i'm abit sad
that it's endin so soon... but i know i've made friends
with so many people and the memory will forever be in my

exams' comin soon... with 5 more assignments to
go...yikes... but after's south island fun !!