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2001-10-15 08:43:35 (UTC)

Monday already?!?!?!

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long!!

Wel, the saga continues with my collegeclub gurl. I tried
to visit her at work today (It's 4:30 am so I am still
referring to Sunday as today) and she had the day off! And
then I went to SG and I MIGHT have seen her but I dunno.
Prolly not though. Grrrr.

Justin and Anthony are talking again so that's good but I
doubt they will get back together. We think Justin's dad is
trying to get him to do beans. What kind of father is that?
Damn. Just so he can get custody of the girls when he can't
even afford to take care of himself. At first we thought
Rob mighta put them there. I was gonna kick rich-boi's ass.
LOL! He's a nice guy, it woulda been too bad if I had to do

Nacole is online! Yay! Imma see her on her webcam! She is
such a QT! I don't have much to write so I'll write soon.

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