2001-10-15 05:55:29 (UTC)

Sugar Cult

I discovered some new bands, (new to me) Sugar Cult and
Mest. They're really good and stuff. They're gonna be in
concert with Good Charlotte! That concert is gonna be soo
rad, and I'll be there with Mr. Watkins-Fung. We'll rock
out. Anyways, I don't even know what to say, I have like
writers block or whatever. So I'm going to homecoming with
Di, which is pretty stellar, she's a rad gal. Anyways,
yeah, she couldn't find a date, so I offered, which totally
was not forced upon me, it was my own free will, yes thats
right. So yeah, that'll be fun. Gah, so sleepy. I hope I
did well on the chem, we'll find out tommorow
hopefully..Yeah, so umm, Sugar Cult is really good, Mest is
good too, but I didn't get to buy them, cuz their cd was
like 15.99 and I wanted to buy some shoes, but the mall was
closed. At like 6, what is that? Geez, thats so early.
Oh well, I'll charge tommorow or something. Oh, I got new
glasses, those are rockin', washed Eleanor as well. That
was fun, except kinda weird. *ahem* Yeah, so my sis is all
excited and stuff about me going to HC, especially cuz its
Di, and she knows Di or something. Oh, and it's like my
first formalish dance or whatnot. Yeah, alright, rock on.
K, so I can't think of anything more to say, so I'll close
it out.

"she's beautiful as usual, with bruises on her ego..."