2001-10-15 05:45:39 (UTC)

things are wierd

I'm will and I am going to spill my innermost feelings
into you if thats ok. I hope nobody reads this and if they
do I guess they are going to know a lot about me. so i
have this girlfriend her name is Caitlin, and shes
fantastic. But the bad part is, is that she dumped her
boyfriend to be with me. Also, my friend dan said that I
should just use her for ass, and I thought I would. But
then I got to know her and holy shit, shes amazing. we
talked for hours last night and I really got to know her
and love her. I hope that what we have works out. I
have always had a problem with commitment except
with johanna and mabey caitlin will help me get away
from that. It really sucks that people hav used her in the
past and I want to make sure that I dont do that and that
other people dont either. Even though I am not a big
fan or irene i still feel bad about using her. Other than
that wrestling is going well and I hope to place 1 st in
the league this year. It sucks that jim got fired but I
know this new coach will be a good coach and
hopefully a nice guy that treats us well. wow that was a
lot to type and I have to go to school tomorrow. night


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