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2001-10-15 05:41:58 (UTC)

my whole school year, and the big :FIGHT"at the z dance

hey whats up every body sorry i havent updated u for a
while ive been kinda busy with alot of things like
family,friends,boys,girls like girls i went to the z dance
and i got into a fight with this girl because i was dancing
with this boy named Erick an 11 year old OMG and she
started to call me a slut and a hoe and she dident even
know me and i started to yell at her and her friend punched
me and pulled my hair and me and my friends got kicked out
robertgot kicked out well i got them kicked out it was all
my fault but iam glad i have friends that i can count of to
have my back and that night we went into the z100 hunted
house.(we got in for free) cause my friend liz her mom
works for z100well anywayz it was soo bomb even tho they
all made me go in first it was hella scary i almost started
to cry after that it was raining and i was wearing a white
tank top cause i gave liz my sweat shirt soo i was freezing
my ass offin the rain whial the other girls got to stay
inside ALL nice and warm and we got kicked out and we
dident even start it it was soo f***ed up well anywayz
anfter the hunted house we saw nicole's mom and her friend
and they toltally chewed out the secerity guard and we got
him fired and erick and chad and robert got to go back
inside ands when it was over at 10:00 we saw them running
and i yelled CHAD!!!!!!! and he heard me and he came over
and we started to talk and i was soking wet and no one
cared =( but ohh well and when i soo those girls thay gave
me a dirty look and i juat wanted to go punch her in the
face but there was soo many reasons y i couldent and well
it's sunday night 10:30 and i have to get up at 7:00 to get
ready for schooland well all iam going to say it iam never
goin back there iam going to the ONYX or the HOOP cause the
z dance was just gay with about 50 people at the most and
at the hoop there is about 220soo it's much much funner and
the first time i went to the z dance i get kicked out
hahahahah (Lol) anywayz well iam going to go i hope u
people reading this give me feed back i hope u like it c ya

love yea

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