2001-10-15 05:40:47 (UTC)


Well, today was an alright day, except for the fact that I
cried at work. All because I was 4 dollars short on my
drawer. I guess that means that I really am serious about
my job. I remember how I came up short too. This guy
ordered a meal that came up to $7 even, and he gave me a
$10. Well, stupid me, gave him $7 back in change. I was so
upset. I started crying, and told Mark that I quit, and
everything. I was so upset. But oh well, what's done is
I'm still very worried about Shelby. In case I didn't
mention it, she got into a car accident. She got thrown
from the vehicle and landed on her face. Her eye ball
exploded in her head, and her entire face shattered. They
don't think that she can ever see out of that eye again,
but they still don't know the extent of the nerve damage.
She's going back in surgery Tuesday to start the
reconstruction of her face and all that.
Well, I'm gonna chat for a little while longer, and then
I'm going to go to bed. G'Nite.
Love, Shelby