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2001-10-15 04:51:34 (UTC)

Weekend Events

Heh well here i am sunday night/monday morning...and i
figure i may as well fill ya in on this weekends events.

lets see...well im just sittin here right now listening to
Astounded *Tantric* and reflecting on well alil of
heh i love this song

lets see...i ALMOST drove out to IL this weekend to see
kev...but that ended up fallin through at the last moment.

i had a kickass weekend though though.
i spent all my time with amy n' steph. i love those chicks!

heh lets see...friday night i worked at the haunted hayride
with amy and val and got "boiled" in a pot.
haha it was fun.
and i met this really cute and sweet guy anthony.
he reminds me of chris shrider.
i can almost guarantee we're gonna end up being good

heh speaking of chris...i am HAPPY to report my quest to
hook up chris and steph seems to be working well.
they've spent most of the weekend together.

saturday night i went back to bear creek and worked the
hayride again..heh i got to get killed in the squash box.
it was fun too.

then sunday me and amy and steph went to church n then me
and amy went out to eat at TA.

i was lazy the rest of the day and just laid around till
about 8..then i went for my nightly jog. *cant risk gettin
huge or something*.

now im just listenin to Sponge thinkin bout the concert me
and Matty D went to this summer.
Good times good times

ah well off to bed with me