Joshin Jane

2001-10-15 04:27:24 (UTC)


my mind is a big mess of derivatives and repealed acts and
verb tenses.
it's a mix-making night but i have so much work to do.
I need to feel creative, i thrive on it, and my writing has
been crap so music seems the next logical outlet.
it's been a shallow week and i feel i need to make up for
not that chris is a big deal, but things that almost-but-
not-quite happen get to me.
i get to myself all the time.
i can never figure myself out.
i don't believe in god, yet i don't think i'm strong enough
to do things on my own.
i catch myself praying to him all the time.
even at 11:11, when i should be wishing, i catch myself
praying instead.
i go through unusual phases of craving - getting into
princeton, driving, jon, music, shopping, photography.
i don't own a real camera, but i'm a big fan of disposables.
maybe that reflects a subconscious fear of permenancy.
or maybe it's just a primitive fear of breaking or losing
expensive things.
my pictures are honest.
i showed matt my photos two summers ago and he said they
made him dizzy.
that should have tipped me off.
I keep seeing things now that I should be photographing,
but I don't get around to it anymore. It's something I've
reserved for CTY.
I took some pictures in the house and at lacrosse last
year, but i didn't feel them the way I felt at CTY, and
they turned out poorly.

I've located a productive method of time consumption -
rewriting this summer's quote list.
- "Hello, rabbit!"
- 3 a.m. laundry and coed laundry room confusion
- Sgt Susan
- the jungle of physics
- tom's Sesame Street obsessions
- everyone looks, talks, and smells like someone we knew
4.3 years ago
- winterfresh
- timbo and his red shoelaces
- 1 a.m. camera flash pyrotechnics
- "jared raped me," says wang's TI89
- "oh that's so funny....cute....sad....inappropriate....
I'll take a picture!"
- remember when wang was only 4 feet tall?
- corrupting horace
- "First, I make my bed..."
- sliding octopus
- life-size Ricky Martin stickers and 1 am time capsules
- Tom's penchant for writing apology letters
- Vermont's head is a good lax target
- "Date Me!"
- "For $5 or one blue chip..."
- Aunt Susie
- tom's boyfriend
- relationships become strained, to say the least, when you
find your naked wife in bed with a naked man
- "Poo on Ben Lattimer," the ice cream plan
-Wang's hats/ visors and hook up dillemas
- rainy day RA charades; mer and steph's telepathic
- "pleather is sooo tacky!"
- katie may pull a susan and stuff her shirt with poptarts
- shoving goalie stick up Chau's ass
- "meredith, are you a seagull?"
- explaining a dental dam
- "You don't need scissors to open a condom!"
- "Have you ever kissed a girl?"
"No...wait....your mom!"
- 10-year-old smoking skanks
- fond memories of being attacked by by the breasts of
girls wearing sarongs
- Tall Tom (Tom 1) vs. Tom 2
- pizza prostitution
- Uncle Kracker
- "if you incubate me...wait, i'll hatch!"
- "first you slaughter, than you kill!"
- "girls are better than girls"
- late night phone calls from wang, alex, and tom
- "i ordered it online...."
- mail from a secret admirer with girly handwriting and a
trenton post office
- lacrosse boys!
- masha's penis vs. becky's.....whose is larger?
- verb, to purchase
- verb, to waffle
- "Jigga what? Jigga who? Jigga not you!" now sagan...
- schenectady mosquitos rock my world
- nic'e bad influence
- tall tom hugs
- "baseball, baseball...."
- let the applebees sign thievery begin
- Bring It On
- teaching alex to scope
- zane songs
- underwear (or lack thereof)
- becky's tanning oil
- newt
- chris's bites, hair, and guitar lessons
- ben es un tigre azul
- farmer tans
- tom is a key-smuggler
- the notorious p-town trip
- rehearsing the answering machine message
- late-night hall meeting
- "emily....this is mom....not yours....please call us"
- "you will listen to sublime and you will like it"
- "keep your eyes down!" and they did
- pizza bitch nominations
- "we're all thugged out"
- secret 3rd floor student center lounge
- "it's raining masha"
- plaid pants
- "don't ask lisa, she doens't know"
- forrest is the deaf, waffle-eting mexican i've been
searching for
- showing forrest's boys a good time
- matt's ghetto booty dance
- susan's doorknob disability
- "I'm too shorty to be saucy!"
- karaoke champs
- "up my ass and to the left"
- bloomies...on sale...
- curve is #1
- "damnit, stop fluttering! give it up, buster!"
- special pre-cut bagels for the lacrosse players
- dizzy stairs
- 1st day morning-run ambitions
- "I've never been high on purpose"
- whoremonger
- vermont is a neckrub whore...from montreal?
- masha likes tollevin's crotch
- "jared's eyebrows attacked me!"
- the history of the make-out blanket
- "have a good day at work, dear, don't forget to lock the
- the measuring tape procedure
- coed naked CTY
- zapped!
- figuring out the Donnas: "see that boy he looks so fine,
but he's agot a girlfriend my oh my" tom 2, we heart you
- Cafe Fopus, union Station
- helen keller jokes
- "ivan....ivan....i mean zach!"
- SOS, tim
- who would you take to the WWF ring?
- lemony powdered goodness
- susan's booty shaking
- matt's steamy guitar-playing sessions
- "my pussy is the hippest thing around" ::meredith makes
- "i am a woman. these are my breasts. these are my
childbearing hips. i want to have lots and lots of babies."
- "pull my finger...BANG!"
- ted's dance party
- jack!
- the return of the phil pants
- fire marshalls
- the chapel has nipples
- pizza places with spelling issues (sprcials?) and
employees who hit on steph
- cross dressing tuesday
- nicole's fruit-eating methods captured on film
- "momentum momentum momentum momentum energy"
- "define candy"
- steve from canada
- "she licked me! count your fingers and toes"
- estrogen bridage countdown
- making drinking plans with jules
- louisa's disputable bra size
- katie is a tampon
"it your mom a tampon, too?"
- distance hugs
- photography addiction
- the incident outside Richardson
- the search for boyfriend hugs
- if you throw eileen out of a window, public safety may
pick her up as roadkill
- "porn juice"
- selective, dirty hearting
- chris the charades nazi
- "no pasta for you!"
- nic's cheerleading obsessions and fantasties
- "suck it (any name here), sick it long and suck it hard!"
- the olin vending machines are an adventure
- clwas, growls, and toothy grins
- emily's horace cravings
- becky and i fuck our brains out in a bathroom stall while
susan watches
- "you ccan't try tampons on in the store"
- "you can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man!"
five minutes later... "guys, i peed in my pants!"
- film cravings
- "shove it up thy butter churn!"
- dressing up the boys...hall bondage, pizza orders
- gather round, masha's rolling on the floor laughing
- LLL = laughlaughlaugh like larry
- whore is applicable in any situation
- the ted and lyn sitch
- guru has no bones
- ice cream has no bones
- matt's 3 katie-hating reasons
- the math-trainted friendly's gift certificate
- "the ice around my neck..."
- "in an ideal world, we would be tracing horace"
- dirty lunchtime pick-up lines
- ayshe's smelly little secret
- "Alex, take advantage of me!" and the paper plate eating
incident...boy, we're funny when we're wasted
- "the boat did what?"
"who rocked the boat?"
- cheeky legs...leggy cheeks...
- mr. beautiful
- operetta rapping
- "take off your clothes" and other sexual and phallic
undertones of disney movies
- vermont's incorrect bra-age
- wangatang
- "i'm not a whore, i'm a professional escort"
- xtreme charades
- "last night, there was a spider the size of my ass in our
room...and baby, i have a large ass!"
- figuring out nic's sexuality
- sheked bava ka sha, hey....
- studying for the roommate game
- sMASH A banana w/claire and meredith
- "i see" said arthur, who didn't
- julie likes to hump
- birthday schemes and schedules
- liz and my breast-poking vendetta
- susan tastes like chicken
- "tom, you smell!"
- susan's world vs. tom's world vs. heather's world
- lena in the barn, naked
- jared is in flagrant violation of baseball ethics
- "you're in my world, grandma"
- glass belly button
- "does the barn have osteoporosis?"
- kohler's MA in creativity and PhD in surfing
- butterfly kisses
- steph's not-so-secret 42nd birthday party
- claire "rescues" stray money from library field
- "would you name your daughter red windmill?"
- tom's bye bye bye dance
- replacing britney spears lyrics w/big words
- woodstock smoking thugs?
- "i thought susan's blanket was susan. i've totally been
talking to it!"
- attempts at scamming eileen
- explaining banana trees
- "don't yuck someone's yum"
- horace-sized sleeping bags
- 1-869-GOT-WANG
- both merediths are dressed for the lobster quadrile
- rage against the bush
- "turtle...tortoise....turtle...."
- the sneaky lemon plan
- the champagne filled supersoaker
- blasting the midget song and knowing all the lyrics
- hanananananannnanananannanananana!
- RPAs are good with the alphabet
- fitting 7 people in a 4-person celica
- singing in the car and not getting yelled at by the boys
- "untie my shoelaces!"
- overkill on brining up the peeing incident
- the likeliness of finding a fax machine on cape cod
camping ground
- dai wai is preppy trying to look ghetto
- "I'll kill ya!"
- lucy's the cutest - "oh my!"
- laser fishing
- lap whores
- the peeing incident has been upped from once to twice
- being the butt of a charades joke
- sign language lessons at hoolihans
- plans to corrupt susan
- matt, alex, and dai wai's spontaneous physics appearances
- shmusan
- using the purity test as a checklist
- nik and liz....
- nurse masha to the solarcain rescue
- aex and zach's dance of intelligence and sexiness
- the four-way masha sandwich
- reusable, returnable walmart cameras
- "you can just sit and talk while the rest of us have sex"
- "i love you to pieces, too, but who will tape us back
- elephants in the living room
- plotting or peeing?
- dubious characters
- butterscotch hoarding
- susan's head is a frisbee target
- learning marissa's song
- various penis candies
- "do my laundry, woman!"
- "oh, lordy, it's gonna be huge!"
- fish faces
- "whoosh"
- polish alex
- stripping vs. pole dancing
- dirty dreams
- leigh's late-night phone reflexes
- homing devices
- what happens when roommates cheat
- discussing hot-tub energy options
- raiding doubles pics
- "the miseducation of britney spears"
- marya letters
- sorting 11 bags of skittles and decorating katie's room
with tampons
- emily's obsession with JH and his interest in making nott
- planning the minnesota-iowa-indiana trip
- taking two weeks to notice tom's sideburns
- emily's worst fear: my carnivorous breasts eating her in
the middle of the night
- "it's all gravy"
- "katie, i think i'm pulling a sabrina"
- writing the dai wai song
- becky's surprise party
- "watch where you're going"
- "...pita bread...
- tom's crossword independence
- despite making fun of dirty jersey, everyone is coming to
- explaining "over the hill" to zach; my hip-breaking theory
- nic looks so righ wearing claire's pink plastic purse
- "do you understand the semantics of lesbian sex?"
- susan's a carnie
- leg twins
- horace has four buttcheeks
- "did you know they kill animals to make leather?"
- the 1 a.m. yearbook page
- the bloombergs' leather history
- matt's sunglasses
- according to forrest, susan's name is bob
- being attacked by forrest's soda bottle
- the rose
- "it's raining men"
- TAs and their mutton chops battle over steph
- trina!
- sneaky pictures of adam
- turkish TA named tuba
- hardcore, true dat, mos def, big up, let's go
- julie and wang and the condom run-in
- susan hates sleeping in her own room
- wondering what Smash A Banana is really all about
- "the rock didn't want to move. if it had wanted to move,
it would have moved by itself"
- "that's not even nice!"
- burying the banana carcass
- vagina and penis games
- horace destroys the banana shrine
- the best last daily ever
- being jiggled by alexis
- "banana" rhymes with "hanananananana!"
- using horace as a shovel
- "i like bananas because if you painted horace yellow and
peeled off his clothes, he would be banana-esque"
- jb's story of absolute innocence:
"that's not funny, it's true"
"is that a metaphor for something?"
"you people do that?"
- remember that time i fell?
- explaining alexis
- "playing risk" with jeremy
- cecilia
- "this is the best last bite i took at CTY! this is a
blade of union grass. it's different from hamilton grass!"
- taping nicole's shoe together
- martin looks like a grandmother with spiky hair and nice
- an old lady named martha was overcooked to produce the
dining hall alfredo sauce
- "grandma!"
"am i on speakerphone?"
- "i know i am, but what are you?"
- "i can't live without you more!"
- pulling a britney at rockapella
- matt's gargantuan thumb
- the frisbee wrath of horace
- kidnapping julie
- "susan, how are those stairs working out for you?"
- operation barboroso
- calling for mrs. bob
- lena in a tube
- vermont's interest in cheeks
- "how does it feel to be on tom's level?"
- "bearings, dammit, bearings!"
- the mystery of the jimmy joke
- the immoral life of an electron
- zach's funny faces
- "explortion....under the sea"
- candy necklace rage
- back pain....TOASTER!
- last four times singing on stage