Just another girl

Fooling With Words
2001-10-15 03:54:24 (UTC)

Overnight MB

Oh so tired. Blah feeling.
We had overnight marching band, and I Just got home. I
have so much to do!!! No time to sleep. Marching Band
takes sssssoooo much time. I love and hate it. We practice
everymorning an hour before school starts, and on Friday we
performed at the football game and doubled as a pep band,
plus we got rained on. We had to be at the school by 8:30
the next morning, plus Friday night, I had to make locker
decorations for my section which took me 2 hours, and I had
to pack which took me another hour. Then we slept on a
hard gym floor all of Saturday night. Well, some of us
slept, but most of us didn't, because they couldn't figure
out how to turn the lights off.... and those of us that
can actually sleep in bright flourescent light didn't get a
chance to sleep until 2 am because our director was still
complaining about all the things we needed to fix at our 9
AM practice!!! Then we competter Sunday afternoon, and we
just got home. It's late, i'm tired, and i'm crabby, and I
have section thrtee due tomorrow, plus tons of make-up work
yet from being sick and we are showing the house tomorrow,
so I have to clean my room. I also need to do laundry, but
we are out of fabric softener.. so that's out. Since I am
sssooo busy, I should probably stop writing now and get
down to business..... groan. I'm incredibly irritable right