The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-15 03:13:41 (UTC)

no more

I don't know what it is. No one listens to me. Things
don't go the way I want. I did my spanish homework. I
just pick one thing I can say and repeat it over and over
again. I had a quiz friday but I rushed cause I was going
to my boyfriends for his prebirthday celebration. It's
ok. I did what I wanted to do. I just hope I didn't BOMB
the quiz. I have a test tomorrow. I don't want to take
it, I have a test Tuesday too. Actually two on Tuesday.
I always complain about all the things that I have, all the
things I don't have...but there is always someone that has
it worse. Is it in human nature to not think so
selfishly? I don't believe so. It could very well be, but
not in my nature. I need a magic wand. I wouldn't give
myself everything I wanted, cause that would make life
boring, but I would do a few miracles that would make life
a little easier. Oh and I would give everyone in the world
a puppy. I wish I knew what road to take in life. I wish
it were easier to make choices. I remember wanting to be
an interior decorator and an arcitect when I was little.
And then a writer. I can't really say that I still want to
be a writer or that I don't. I need to write a story, and
see if the passion is still there. That is my next plan.
My promise to myself. I will do it!