A day in the life
2001-10-15 02:31:24 (UTC)

"I love you".... i wish you wouldnt lie

Dont tell me you love me onless you mean it. Ive
played it over a million times in my head, The
way you talk to me i want to cry. I wish you had
never said it... really, I hate that you said it.
Although i knew you did, its not the same. You fucked
it up. Everything is lost now. I hate you for it,
You always speak to me with your long words and
"worldly knowledge". You are so charming and such
a beautiful person. We were best friends, I dont
know what we are now. I feel that its all lost. I
wish i could ignore you, all i do is think of you
You tell me you do too, Fuck you. Your so hateful.
You may not see it, but sometimes you hurt those you
love most. Bye for now...