2001-10-15 02:28:25 (UTC)


tonight was a very interesting night with the family...
they can be so damn mean sometimes. i was crying and all
depressed. oh well. sucks for me.
then we went out for dinner, and ate sooo much fucking
food. it was insane. i feel big and fat now...grr. i need
to hurl. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
tried to call my b/f earlier today, but he was sleeping. i
dont quite understand that, but whatever.

so lovely, so adored. so ugly, so scared.
im going to get in a fight with some gang members and hope
they shoot me, because im too scared to do it myself...yea.
thats it.

i wonder if they really watch what's going on here in the
land of the internet...hmmm...*pondering*
it would be really fucking funny though. all those little
anarchist websites and shit...hehe. its funny ha ha!!!
damn terrorists. gotta fuck everything up now, dont they???
damn patriotic fucks. lets go fly a flag today kids!!! my
mommy wanted me to buy these jeans today...they had
american flags on them...i refused. reasons: are we so
patriotic these days that we wear flags on our asses??? and
america isnt something i like to advertise. dont worry
internet people!!! i wont blow anything up or fuck over the
country...i just stick to my little hate-worthy self, and
go on my a happy little gnome. teehee!!!

ok. bye.