A day in the life
2001-10-15 02:23:03 (UTC)

Im such a loser!

Fuck, i hate myself so much. Im such a moron FUCK! i dont
even want to discuss what Im so pissed off at myself for! I
make an ass of myself all the time! shit! Im Such a little
bitch, GOD why am i such an idiot, I am not worthy to
speak to him(him being my friend), He is brilliant, Im a
complete idiot, WHY DOES HE TALK TO Me?? He probably laughs
behind my back. I pitty the person that marries me, if that
ever happens. SHIT!!!!!! i hate myself, I MEAN IT, i
seriously hate myself.... thats all i can say. Im such a
fucking moron!!!!!!! somebody please put me out of my
misery!I fucking hate "HIm" too! condescending bastard...