My life as Trick
2001-10-15 01:56:45 (UTC)

A Weekend in the Country

Procrastination and Karma are old lovers.

A friend of mine has checked himself into a dependency center named
COPAC. This is the first weekend that he is allowed to have
visitors, and, as luck would have it, a female friend of ours is in
town for the trip as well.

I call COPAC in order to get directions, and the polite voice at the
other end tells us to take the Sandhill exit and take a right.

I dutifully follow, but call for directions one more time. She
assures us that it's "a LONG drive", and I don't give it another
thought. 30 minutes later, I arrive in a setting not unlike "Children
of the Corn".

Three more calls assure us that we are headed in the correct
direction, but make sure that we stay on Hwy 43. After 43 turns in
418, we call again. "Just keep looking for the church. We're right
next door."

Four churches later, we turn around. One more call. A different

As I drive back thru the middle of east Hell, a pair of flashing
lights greets me to the roadblock. My eyes drift over to the
inspection sticker; expiration date: 7/2001. I swallow, slow down,
and turn on the charm...

...My court date is next week.