Don Juan

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2001-10-15 01:52:52 (UTC)

The Great Outdoors

I went to my grandmother's house this week-end. I know my
parents thought I was wearing out my box of cancer sticks.
But, actually I wasn't... I was outside most of the time
because I love the veiw of everything out there in the
wilderness. The creek that is behind her house is SOOOO
awesome!! I love just going back there and sitting...
watching the leaves fall. It was great. It was almost
like no one was there to bother, torment, or confuse me.
It was an awesome feeling. The leaves were changing colors
and I just couldn't stop the overwelming feeling to want to
live out there. But I doubt that it will ever come to be.
I didn't have my medicine for the whole day today and I
didn't really need it... I was so, so, so content with the
nothingness out there. I wish I could have just sat on the
log out by the creek forever. I lied down on the ground
out in the woods and almost fell asleep with the sounds of
the creek and falling leaves singing me to sleep. It was
great... but I had to get back to the house and help with
the packing and throwing away of stuff. I swear... that
lady had more shoes than I've ever seen in my life! Oh
well, I guess that's just my nanny for you.

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