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2001-10-15 01:51:51 (UTC)

My Weekend

This weekend started friday. I went on a field trip to
syraquse university. The campus is really nice and if i
had the money i would like to go. But im gonna start at
FLCC. Well i went their for journalism. I went to a class
on entertainment review writing. Then it was lunch time
and i hung out with Mary, Patti, and the two exchange
students mira and like genna or something. Well then I ran
into nick and them and we went to check out a record shop.
It was gone though so we went to the park for awhile. They
stayed and i went to go to a class but it was full. I ran
into alex and hung out with him. Then i went to a sports
writing class for the hell of going to a class. After that
was the awards ceromony. It was kinda boring. Then Mrs.
Jaramillo bought us all ice cream. She doesnt seem to want
to get mary a pony. She said she could have anything she
wanted if she won an award. Go figue. Well the bus ride
home was very interesting. Mark and Aaron we having fun
doing diffrent things to make fun of me which didnt really
bother me. But mary and patti were nuts. They kept
picking on me. Pattie tied my shoe laces to the seat a few
times. The second time i tried to struggle and mary sat on
me. Her but HURTS. She sat on me twice and it wasnt fun.
And Mrs. Jaramillo made me do my monty python impression.
They got a laugh out of it. Mrs. J also thought i would be
good in the play. She said she could see me being a humor
journalist. When we got back to Canandaigua Mary, patti,
and I went to wendys. The ladie was so rude. She took my
fries gave them to somebody in drive thru and the was going
to have the nerve not to give me my drink. Oh well. We
dropped Patti off. Well on the way up 5 & 20 some guy had
his brights on behind mary and she sped up. Not to mention
she missed middle cheshire. So this guy it seemed like he
was following us. But he wasnt. Mary dropped me off at
home and that was the end of friday.

Saturday was a hell day at work thats pretty much it. Oh
yea, I went to the mall. I finaly did my school clothes
shopping. I got a pair of chords, a pair of khaki cargos,
a dragon hoodie, a teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt, a
clash shirt that says londons calling and has the lead
singer smashing a guitar. I also got a sublime patch and
teenage mutant ninja turtles patch. I got to books and the
movie mallrats. Then the hell spawned day at work ensued.
I'll just say I yelled at a manager as well as a few others.

Today, Sunday, was good. I went into work about 3:15.
Will was upset cause nobody told him i was told to come on
late. Oh well it worked out. Then we got busy. At about
6:50 i took over washing for adam. Will left at 4 cause hed
been their for 10 hours. Well i busted my ass off. Got off
on time came home showered and called my best gal. It was
her birthday. Well today was pretty good.

Happy birthday tricia i love you.

Everyone else

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