Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
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2001-10-15 01:48:16 (UTC)

the weekend

This weekend was pretty fun. The pepfest was hilarious,
the parade was fun and so was the dance. Jamie and I
stayed up till like two and I'm still tired. Then
yesterday I came home and did my book report...such much
fun, really it was. Today we helped Lynne and Dave move,
and then I got my floor routine! I'm using Chattahoochee
and Kathy did a really good job choreographing it! It's so
cute even though I can't remember half of it. I feel kinda
weird: I had done the same routine for two years and now
here's something totally new. But that's just how things
go. Always changing.
I'm hoping for the better. Two people that I would least
suspect to be laughing about a somewhat private joke were
and I felt so good! You know who you are--both of you--and
I just want to tell you how proud and happy I am and to
please please please keep it up!
Anyways...hmm. I don't know what to put on to
that "anyways." I'm in a really good mood all things
considering. Nobody knows what those things are...even I'm
not completely sure, but that's the way it goes.

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