beck's world
2001-10-15 01:41:50 (UTC)


ok. So today was sunday. it was a wet, drizzly, overcast,
yucky day. i dont have any focus today. i dont want to do
anything. i tired to go to the music hall and practice. i
got through piano, but when i tried to play flute i barely
got past my tone studies. after a quick run through the
syrinx i said screw it and went back to the dorm. i have
about fifty pages of reading on christianity due on tues,
plus the chapter on revalations in the bible, and i have
done none of it. i tried to read it, but that ended up in
a twenty minute nap. I havent even started my dictation
for tomorrow. i think i will just do it before class. i
dunno. this is bad though!!! i need to get my work done.
anyway, i am also a little stressed about this weekend. not
only is it my year long anniversary with my wonderful kind
sweet boyfriend, but it is his birthday, and i also have an
important dinner to get ready for. on top of that all, i
need to think of something sweet to do for him. i am
really creative and everything, but i am exhausted. school
has drained me. I dont know if i should switch my major or
not either. im thinking of it. im in music therapy, and i
love it and i love everyone in my class. i am such good
friends with everyone. but the big problem is that i dont
think this is what i want to do. i think i want to switch
to music ed. i waiting on this decision though. i dont
know why. i just think i want to know for abosolutely sure
first. who knows. i am so tired of everything. i dont
want to even think about that but i cant get it out of my

i miss sean.