2001-10-15 01:26:22 (UTC)


Allison I no u r reading this u must die now!! guess wut i
wanna go out with jesse but cuz of kyle he's goin out w/
kelsey AHHHH!!! I am so consitpated it hurts really bad!
ALlison H. is too! I here her from my house! give me my
grandma's freckle now bitch! AHHHH today i feel down and
crakcs my head open and my arm pooped off so i went to the
hospital and the dr. had to put 20 crax in my butt it hurt
so bad@! and i have diareah cuz i have so many crax for
the crap to ocme out of! so i am constipated and have
diareah it sux assss! allison quit jumping on my ass u r
making me shit my pants! owies! i have gas i need some
beano! allison loves presotn and tori stole him from her
wut a poo poo head!my head has poop on it cuz i just had
some fo dinner it doesn't smeel good but golly it sure as
hell tastes good...i g2g allison is getting cracks! u
better whatch it al!

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