Forgotten Misery
2001-10-15 01:24:38 (UTC)


I swear people just piss me off so damn much! This is not
the time for people to screw with me..... not only do i
have the stress of my grandma dying and being the strong
one in the family have the problem of being confused out of
my mind.....I like geoff but I just know it would not last
due to the fact he goes to a diff school im needy and just
the fact of well um how long did we go out last time like a
week it was so short i cant even remember for the life of
me. Anyways my broken heart keeps breaking more and more
by the time i freakin pick up the pieces it breaks again.
I have no clue were any of that jason crap came from but
hes never crossed my mind in that way. The only people I
still am hanging onto is both my x's ryan and jake kruer.
Im finally over jake murphy im coo with the fact i got
dumped for a freshman shes coo and she gives him what he
wants and thats just the sex part of it all hes an asshole
if i have ever seen one he just goes out with someone that
will do stuff with his virgin ass which im not guessin he
is gona stay that way for much longer at all then he will
find the consiquinces of that. Realationships built on
that never last they start on a weak foundation and when
the heat of it all is over there is nothing left and the
realationship comes crashing down. This is y I stay single
im afriad of comment my heart has been broken to many times
so i avoid all of this yet still having thoughts and
feeling the heart acke of not being in ryan or jakes arms
but anyways this entry probaly will make geoff sad but this
is how i feel babe and i hope u can understand all of this
cause i tell u what i cant.

Andrea or beth or andi or lizzy