Me AnD Mah LiL WoRlD
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2001-10-15 01:19:02 (UTC)


today was an okay day. i woke up like at 9:00 and went to
my nanas house for breakfast. everyone was there. It was
pretty fun. I went to the liquor store next to her house
woth my cousin ashley, and the guy who works there was all
nosey he was all "why all your family there" it was all
damn none of your business. anyways, i came home with my
sister jasmin early, cuz the house was TOO crowded.
everyone and their mama was there. i came home, had a grip
of cereal, watched tv, went online, watched more tv, more
tv, and more. I totally loved it. its so tight to just
kick it and relax. I dont really wanna go to school
tomarrow, but oh well.

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