2001-10-15 00:57:27 (UTC)

First entry

I've been feeling kind of lonely lately. It's weird how
you can be surrounded by many people with whom you like and
like you, but yet feel alone. It could be me, I have to
buckle down on my work so that I can student teach next
semester and I also have a lot of practing to accomplish
for my recital. So, I might be distancing myself so that I
won't get caught up and distracted.
Guys: There's a subject that is always interesting in my
life. There are way too many things to even talk about
right now. But, I am happy for the time being, I have
plenty of time for guys in my life, I better not put it off
too long though, or else I will never get married!
I miss the summer and all my friends from Scotland Run. I
miss the fun times that we had. I'm glad that I got to see
some of them when I was home for Fall Break. I can't wait
until Christmas break when I can spend ample amounts of
time with them.