Peanut butter cups and Online Diaries...
2001-10-15 00:49:14 (UTC)

My Emmy

Today was a certified good day. I had 2-3 conversations with
my emmy which made me very happy...and then i can't think of
anything else that made it a good day. Wrote a 5 page story
for school, but no one cares, so i won't go into
details...hung out with ken a bit, but according to emmy
kens are bad, so i'm not going into details about that
either..lets see...went to rite-aid, yee-haw, i'm such a
rebel...went out to lunch with some friends, got some
ribs...still not gonna go into details cuz that'd just be
really boring...this entry's pretty boring really...except
for the parts bout my emmy...bottom line is emmy
rocks...hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting, though
since it won't include my emmy until 6:00, it can't be that
great...argh, i forgot to do my math..better go do it..test
tuesday over chapter 3...tough stuff...until next time, au

Ich liebe mein land...Gott sengt Amerika
(I love my country)...(God bless america)

Ich liebe mein can