nuda possessio
2001-10-15 00:41:44 (UTC)

Flipping the First Page....

Everything is about context. And what can I say but to
begin by introducing the reader, you, the guest, to my own

To imagine where I'm from, and the life I lead, cannot
compare to the cinematic visual pleasures of being awed by
Hollywood. Sorry. My life is much more simplistic, much
less glamorous, and probably appeals to a select few. But
then again the great literary works appeals only to the few
and I assume no joy in finding mass popularity. Maybe
nobody will read this and my work will exist warehoused on
someone's internet server. A place I do not know and
controlled by a person I will never meet.

This year I've turned a ripe age of 28. Matured to become a
civil rights attorney working in the non-profit sector. My
yearnings have never been for wealth, though I do find
comfort in being able to pay my bills timely and at least,
minimally, having some nest egg to cushion financial
emergencies. But then again, why worry too much about
everything ?

I'm a first generation Asian American, indifferent to
becoming an engineer, a programmer, computer scientist,
mathematician, an accountant, a doctor, a dentist, or
business person. My love of life is exactly what I do:
civil rights work for the "disadvantaged"- a term I prefer
not to narrowly define. I love my job. I love my co-
workers. I'm exactly where I want to be.

However, If I had a dream job, it would probably be a writer and
living in a cabin in Yellowstone National Park. Writing is one of my
many passions. If I dreamed of a paying job, that would be to become
a college professor teaching history. Oh I love history, and the idae
of being be able to enlighten young minds and enrich a generation of
hopefuls is so appealing.

I end my thoughts tonight remembering the innocent victims of the
most horrific terrorist attack in the 21st centry. The 9-11 tragedy
will echo in the lives of many future generations. I am keenly aware
of the freedoms I enjoy and the luxuries bestowed upon me: an
education, a family, a home, friends, and my vigilantly protected
civil liberties are all priceless.

I love this country and I can imagine wanting to be nowhere else in
the world but here. This is my home. This is where I stay ... and I
will never fear.