oddly interesting?
2001-10-14 23:19:32 (UTC)

ugh .

10.14.01 (( 7:16
AHH I HATE MY MOM TODAY...okay you know what she did?
well when she came in my mom i asked her to take my dinner
plate upstairs i so i shoved the plate to her to take it
and she pushed it into me and now im covered in sour kraut
or however you spell it, and so i flung the plate at her. i
really didnt mean to but sometimes she makes me really
angry. ugh .fear is how i fallllllll confusing what is real... rofl i
love linkin park they're so cool! =D okay they make me happy rofl..
on palace im making costumes for the people who dont have them for
the party... im so shweet... rofl i made hillary bee and maria
annoyed because i kept singing linkin park...haha well i still havent
started on the triwiz website, i dont really think i can finish it by
8 but we'll see...prolly not lol well gotta go ill see ya tomorrow!
woot no homework =D

love rachie