All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2001-10-14 23:10:16 (UTC)

i'm confused

the following is a conversation between me and my ex-
girlfriend. this is the same one that was upset about me
posting stuff on here about her. i won't use any real
names cause i'm not that much of a jerk. send me your

punkrawker4God = me
Black Rose Kiss = her

Black Rose Kiss: and you're not hard core by the way

Black Rose Kiss: did i like them?

punkrawker4God: did you say i'm not hardcore?

Black Rose Kiss: can you read?

Black Rose Kiss: lol

punkrawker4God: why aren't i hardcore?

Black Rose Kiss: cuase you're not

punkrawker4God: i want reasons

punkrawker4God: c'mon

Black Rose Kiss: cuas eyou're punk...kindda.....you're nto
hard core

punkrawker4God: i listen to more hardcore than punk now

punkrawker4God: have you read my profile?

Black Rose Kiss: that doesn't mean you're hard core

Black Rose Kiss: no

Black Rose Kiss: just cause you listen to it doesn't mean

punkrawker4God: then what defines hardcore?

Black Rose Kiss: i mean i listen to punk and i'm not punk
and never was well okay maybe for a little hiwle but not
that long

Black Rose Kiss: tp be hard core?

Black Rose Kiss: to

punkrawker4God: yeah

Black Rose Kiss: you have to dress teh part and all that
other shit

punkrawker4God: how does one dress then?

Black Rose Kiss: not like you

punkrawker4God: we're not talking about me right now

punkrawker4God: i want to know what you think someone has
to dress like

Black Rose Kiss: yes we are

Black Rose Kiss: nm cause i'm just going to be wrong any

punkrawker4God: no i just want to know you're opinion

punkrawker4God: i'm not trying to argue

Black Rose Kiss: i don't know....not punk though

punkrawker4God: to me hardcore is.....

punkrawker4God: a philosophy, a set of beliefs

Black Rose Kiss: no

punkrawker4God: expression through music and actions
towards others

Black Rose Kiss: and your beliefe aren't hard core

punkrawker4God: how do you know?

punkrawker4God: what are the beliefs of hardcore?

Black Rose Kiss: you tell me

punkrawker4God: i'm not talking religion necessarily

Black Rose Kiss: neither am i

punkrawker4God: coming together with fellow hardcore kids,
looking at where our society is right now, not being
judgemental of others


Black Rose Kiss: okay

punkrawker4God: and your definition?

Black Rose Kiss: i've never put it in words before

punkrawker4God: well try

Black Rose Kiss: NO

punkrawker4God: do you consider yourself to be hardcore?

Black Rose Kiss: HAHAHAHA

Black Rose Kiss: no

punkrawker4God: whats the most violent show you've ever
been to?

Black Rose Kiss: green day in Colorado

punkrawker4God: ok describe it to me

Black Rose Kiss: third row

Black Rose Kiss: y?

punkrawker4God: just cause

Black Rose Kiss: you can't really move when you're that

Black Rose Kiss: why does it matter?

punkrawker4God: well......

Black Rose Kiss: well?

punkrawker4God: i went to a hardcore show in rochester on
thursday night

Black Rose Kiss: so?

Black Rose Kiss: do i care?

punkrawker4God: hold on.....lemme finish

Black Rose Kiss: uh huh

punkrawker4God: its was extremely violent......

Black Rose Kiss: yeah

punkrawker4God: yet amongst the confusion every bro threw
up his fist and screamed out the lyrics, stating why we
were there in the first place

Black Rose Kiss: yeah so

Black Rose Kiss: every bro?

Black Rose Kiss: okay

Black Rose Kiss: and why was that?

punkrawker4God: these bands were incredible, they are on
record labels and everything, but they aren't afraid to
jump into the crowd and scream their lungs out

Black Rose Kiss: so?

punkrawker4God: its about stating whats on your mind

Black Rose Kiss: yeah so?

Black Rose Kiss: what's you're point?

punkrawker4God: about writing your own damn lyrics for once

Black Rose Kiss: you know what...this convorsation isn't
going any where

punkrawker4God: there was no defined way to dress there

Black Rose Kiss: OMG you're a loser go away

punkrawker4God: some people even wear khakis and a button-
down shirt

punkrawker4God: its not about clothes or music

Black Rose Kiss: i don't care....take a hint

punkrawker4God: well i'm just trying to justify why i think
i'm hardcore.......

punkrawker4God: cause you said i wasn't

Black Rose Kiss: i know........i know i'm wrong and you're
right.......like it always has been

punkrawker4God: did i say you were wrong?

punkrawker4God: i want to know your opinion

Black Rose Kiss: okay fine whatever...you didn't have to
give me a freakin' paper on it

punkrawker4God: you never said anything for me to "prove
wrong" anyway

punkrawker4God: fight back dang ya

punkrawker4God: lol

punkrawker4God: ;-)

Black Rose Kiss: i'm sick of fighting back and if we're not
arguing why should i fight back

punkrawker4God: cause i want to know why you think i'm not

punkrawker4God: thats all

Black Rose Kiss: because i don't...i don't have to justify
everything i say you know...and by the way...the definition
or example or what ever you call that little speach thing
you did.....anyone who likes any kind of music can say

punkrawker4God: no they can't

Black Rose Kiss: BULL SHIT

punkrawker4God: britney spears is far from original

Black Rose Kiss: as i said.....i'm wrong you're right

Black Rose Kiss: i get the hint

Black Rose Kiss: i'll just stop talking now

punkrawker4God: don't take things so literal

punkrawker4God: i'm just having fun ok?

punkrawker4God: do you really think i care what you think
of me?

Black Rose Kiss: okay i have opinion..i don't have to
justify the way i think every time i have an opinion.

punkrawker4God: i like standing up and stating what i

Black Rose Kiss: probably not and personaly i dont'
care...cuase your'e a loser....and i see that now so....

Black Rose Kiss: so do i but not to useless ppl like you

punkrawker4God: why do you attack me all the time?

punkrawker4God: have i ever thrown terms at you
like "loser"?

punkrawker4God: i respect that you have your opinions -
thats great

Black Rose Kiss: play i'm sorry i attacked poor little
inocent precious fragile ian

Black Rose Kiss: yes

Black Rose Kiss: you have

punkrawker4God: like what?

Black Rose Kiss: you called me a loser plenty of times

punkrawker4God: well i'm sorry if i did

punkrawker4God: so why am i useless?

Black Rose Kiss: cause i'm always going to be wrong and
you're always going to be right and that's always the way
it's going to be when i talk to you ....and i don't see why
we have to debate something every time we talk

punkrawker4God: argh

punkrawker4God: my head is gonna explode

Black Rose Kiss: umm ok

punkrawker4God: i wish people would put up there fists and
hit back

Black Rose Kiss: cause ppl like you would break down and
cry after the first swing that's why

Black Rose Kiss: what are you tlaking about putting up
fists....you were sitting the bus when i got hit and didn't
do anything

Black Rose Kiss: so i do'nt see why you're tlaking

punkrawker4God: thats because you stood up and fought back
on your own

punkrawker4God: i would break down and cry?

Black Rose Kiss: you're the one who through a hissy fit
cause i asked you to help me move and hurt yourself
carrying a box up the stairs

Black Rose Kiss: yeah you probaly would

Black Rose Kiss: i wouldn't doubt it for a second

punkrawker4God: then fight back with details when i give my

Black Rose Kiss: i'm sorry...but you're the only guy i know
that wouldn't stand up to another guy for his gf no matter
how well she was "handling it"

Black Rose Kiss: you're such a hypocrite
punkrawker4God: how?

Black Rose Kiss: jsut the way you act...you always have
been and you proabaly always will be

punkrawker4God: well thank you

Black Rose Kiss: you're welcome

punkrawker4God: oh yeah my mom said hi by the way

punkrawker4God: ...email

Black Rose Kiss: ok

Black Rose Kiss: not like she likes me anyway

punkrawker4God: oh knock it off

punkrawker4God: she does too

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