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2001-10-14 22:59:37 (UTC)

Why am i so stupid? why am i..

Why am i so stupid? why am i such a piece of shit? why am i
fucking ignorant? why do i look the way i do? why do i
think the way i do? why do i have to look and feel this
way? why do i have to cry? why am i lazy? why am i dumb?
why am i a bitch? why am i psycho? why am i crying right
now? How do i end up in situations i dont want to be in?
why cant i do anything right? why dont i have any
hobbbies? why cant i be good at anything?


Anyone who reads this i need help, i need someone to talk
to, i need a shoulder to lean on and cry on...if there is
anyone there...please talk to me...b

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