"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-14 22:58:55 (UTC)

Mall day

Today I went to the mall I havent been there since
Friday. The First person I knew that I seen was Tiffani.
I said didnt stop to talk and I told me grandmother who
that was and she said you should have introduced us. I
said ok I will. So we walked to Old Navy and looked around
and I seen some pants that I liked so I went to try them on
and that is were I seen amanda. So I said hey and she said
hey and I want to see what those look like on you I said ok
and went to the Dressing room. Then I got the right size
went back looking for more and I seen C.j and I said whats
up and he said he had to take something in back and he
would be back and I said ok I was around looking and A
while later I found C.j and introduced him to my mom and
Grandmother and They liked him. Then we seen Tiffani I
said come here, and she did and I said this is my
Grandmother and this is Tiffani they said hey. Tiffani was
on break and she was buying this black skirt. It look
pretty good I wonder if they have it in my size? J/k So
she had to leave and I was still looking then I found
everything and went to wait with Tiffani she was in the
longest line but when we got up there I said hey to Sarah.
I seen Amber to. My Grandma thought Tiffani was how she
said SO CUTE!!!! And then I told her about friday and she
said I was lucky to have such good friends that love you so
much. I guess yall love me right? If yall dotn I love
yall. Then I went to lids and I seen my friend john he
told me about6 a new style of hat and he said he might get
it and they had our teams. So i went to look and he came
in right after me. then we found them and he got his an
dask if i was mine and I did and it was buy one get another
half price. So we brought both of them and that man made
it where we didnt have to pay as much. That was good.
Then I went to look at a CD and I got a Bass one the one I
wanted was not in there. And my mom and Grandmother went
and bought me some cologne. There was a new kind called
Tommy Cool Spray it stunk. So I got the regular kind witch
smells good. All I have to say is that after today I am
going to be looking good tomorrow at school even better
than all the other days. I have to sign up for SGA to. I
got to remember that. Well I guess I have writen enough. #3

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